23 December 2013

Toyota Will Show Off The Car Without Fuel

Toyota Will Show Off The Car Without Fuel

Toyota Indonesia

Event of Consumer Electronics Show ( CES ) 2014 will be held early next year is predicted to be performing slightly different. Because at CES 2014, a number of automotive manufacturers will also enliven the event.

One that has been officially declared its readiness to participate is a Japanese automotive manufacturer, Toyota. In fact, Toyota has given a little glimpse of what products will they show off at CES 2014.

According to Digital Trends quoted page, Friday ( 12/20/2013 ), Toyota mentioned will introduce a car that can be operated without fuel oil ( BBM ) by the code name ' FCV '. Toyota FCV has been equipped with fuel cell technology itself is capable of converting hydrogen into electricity.

In other words, this car does not require any kind of fuel. According described the Toyota, the driver just needs to stop for three minutes to make car back fully charged. With a fully charged power, the Toyota FCV claimed to be able to travel up to 500 Km.

The fuel cell itself is an old technology that has been developed since 10 years ago. However, until now it's use was limited to the prototype without any more serious effort.

Toyota hopes soon can be develop the tipe of this car, so it could be sold widely in 2015.

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