Toyota Glanced Business of Electric Vehicles

Toyota Glanced Business of Electric Vehicles

Toyota Electric Vehicles

The fuel consumption is difficult to reduce. but if in case it needs to be done, so that the transfer of energy consumption can be reduced little by little. Even if there is the right solution is to replace the electric vehicle.

Although the name of Toyota has become a leader in hybrid four-wheel vehicles, in general it makes no switches and no business is interested in developing electric vehicles. But not in thought, the leading companies at the Tokyo Motor Show turned out to show the FT - EVII, the concept of electric-powered vehicles. Of course this is an unimaginable shock over this.

With homemade technology, Toyota iQ platform and develop specific components of the hybrid Synergy system. Although the vehicle is not for sale in the United States, vehicles using gasoline that's produced by the Toyota iQ sold very well on Japan and England market. At this time Toyota tried to using lithium-ion battery technology for electric vehicle FT - EVII their homemade.

Currently it's being widely developed an electric -powered vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf and Mitsubishi iMiEV can running as far as 100 miles. As for this time the Toyota recently able to achieve only a distance of 56 miles at a speed of 62 miles / hour. This distance limitation is very suitable for the conditions in the metropolis like Tokyo, London and New York.

Toyota also wants to change the appearance of the vehicle that still looks like a regular, so eventually the company maked experimented and dressing up the pedal position and steering. It looks unusual and different from the previous. Hmmm, yes increasingly crowded electric vehicles, hopefully later vehicles like this will be more evolved, not least in Indonesia.
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